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Manx Seafaring History

HMS Bounty
In 1789, a descendant of a prominent Manx family named Fletcher Christian lead the famous mutiny on board the HMS Bounty, casting Captain William Bligh (who himself was married to a Manx woman) and his supporters off in the ship’s 23 foot launch in the middle of the South Pacific. Against the odds, Bligh managed to navigate the launch more than 3,600 miles back to civilisation, whilst Christian and his mutineers ended up establishing a settlement on the remote Pitcairn Islands.
HMS Bounty

In 1805, Manxman Capt. John Quilliam served on board HMS Victory at the battle of Trafalgar as 1st Lieutenant to Admiral Nelson. After the wheel had suffered damage, he personally devised and operated a rigging which could steer the tiller from below deck, and thus became known as the man who steered HMS Victory to victory.

HMS Victory
HMS Victory
Smuggling poster The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries saw the Isle of Man became an active centre for smuggling, due to HM Customs & Excises officers being unable to effectively assert their authority in the autonomous jurisdiction.
In 2005, the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. Ltd celebrates their 175th anniversary as the oldest continuously operating passenger shipping company in the world. Ben my Chree of The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Ltd
Ben my Chree of The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Ltd